Mimmo Rosati

Founder and CEO

Domenico (Mimmo) Rosati has spent the last 40 years as a purveyor and cultivator of lifestyle and homeware products. Mimmo’s journey began in an Italian ceramicware factory as a Sales and Marketing Manager which gave him over 15 years of practical and hands on experience during the height of Italian dinnerware manufacturing. During his time in Italy, he learned the basics of running a factory, creating new products for client’s and for creating relationships with buyers that go beyond sales. His journey then took him to the USA where he has spent the last 25 years working with retailers across the world with the same vigor and expertise. Mimmo’s extensive experience and knowledge of the Production, Supply Chain and QA Processes as well as his ongoing passion for homewares and lifestyle products have opened the door to a new chapter in his journey by establishing Borgo Rosati, Inc. Our goal is to cultivate a creative house that offers a complete package with a well-designed product manufactured at high-quality, ethically sourced factories to our customers in the Central Oregon area.